Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Studio 54 or Palm Springs

Jumpsuit: Liberty of London via Target; Shoes: D&G via Marshalls;
Top Bangle: Banana Republic; Two Remaining Bangles: Silpada
Earrings: Silpada

The temps are expected to reach 104 today and that's without the heat index! Because of that, I had to wear the most breezy outfit I could find. This totally fit the bill! The billowy pants, the spaghetti string top, the airyness of the jumpsuit...this screams "bring on the heat"! Honestly, I don't see myself going to work today. I see myself transported to the 70s and dancing the night away at Studio 54. Or, I could also be hanging pool side at some swangy resort in Palm Springs. Either one would be better than sitting in a cubicle for eight hours!

I wore this jumpsuit last spring on a trip to Las Vegas. Perfect for a night out on the strip. Actually, we saw Cirque Love at the Mirage and then walked the strip back to our hotel. As you can see, I made some great friends! I think we all got the jumpsuit memo!

I love the HUGE floral motif! They remind of those black and white drawings we had as a kid and you colored with the markers provided. Remember those? Anyway, gotta love huge floral pants that could fit another person. No need to suck in that tummy today!!

I'm not sure how long the bangles will last, but I had to go for it. This outfit cried out for some chunky accessories and I wasn't going to deny it some flair. You would think my wrist weighed 10 pounds, but to be honest, I hardly feel the weight. I just love the sound they make when they clank together. I'm sure the others around me don't feel quite the same way. (Note that I'm only wearing bracelets? No need to add rings. Keep the focus on the wrist!)

Love these shoes and what a find! I got them several years ago while randomly shopping at Marshall's. Who would have thought that Marcshall's would have one pair of D&G shoes, in my size, just sitting on the shelf? I know I wouldn't have, and because of that, they made their way to the cash register. You can't see it very well, but the soles of the shoe are mirrored. See, I have my very own mirror ball for some Studio 54 dancing later! I don't wear them very often and I'm not sure why. I guess today was their lucky day!

I had to show you a Simplicity pattern from the 70s. I love that we continue to pay homage to these eras! And justifiably so! I may be a product of the 80s, but I will always hold 70s fashion near and dear to my heart!

Would you ever be caught dead in this look? As soon as I saw it hanging on the rack I knew it had to be mine! I feel very Kourtney Kardashian today. Maybe it's the pulled back hair. Sure wish I had her millions!


Unknown said...

what a great jumpsuit. a bold statement indeed!

x. jill

Tricia said...

This is such a cute jumpsuit! I love the shoes with it!