Monday, July 4, 2011

Going Places

Joel and I are very social people. More social than Joel would prefer. So when I talked to others about the possibilities of having a baby, I was constantly told that our social life would be put on hold. We couldn't take a baby anywhere, we were told. Well, I beg to differ. I knew that our baby would be just as social as we are and I wasn't wrong!

McKinley's first real outing, other than back and forth to his grandparents house, was Target. He slept through the whole store. Since he did so well there, we followed that trip with a visit to Nordstrom and he was amazing! A natural born shopper and it's a good thing too. Momma loves to shop so he better get use to this frequent outing. Of course I couldn't walk out of there empty handed. He got two of the cutest Boden separates which can be seen in photos below.

What I loved most about that trip to Nordstrom was feeding him in the ladies lounge. Because their lounges are equipped with large sofas and comfy chairs, I decided it would be the best place to tend to his needs. Well, he loved that idea as well. He laid back as if he were at home, and after his bottle, filled his diaper as though marking his territory! Thank god they have a huge changing station because we needed it! As I removed the soiled diaper, McKinley threw his arms back and waited for that diaper change to take place. I think Nordstrom will be our restroom of choice if we ever need to go through that again while shopping the mall!

In addition to shopping, McKinley is eating his way through local restaurants as well. He's had sliders at Applebee's, a turkey burger and truffle fries at Blanc Burger, the Buffalo Blue Chicken salad at Houlihan's, a summer chicken salad on the balcony of Brio and Corona Shrimp Taco's at Jose Pepper's! At least that's what we're telling him as he drinks his formula. During each of these dining experiences, he has either slept through the whole thing or people watched the entire night! This kid is remarkable in public!!

And he loves bathrooms, just like his mother! As a child, and even now, the first thing I do upon arriving almost any place is check out the restroom. McKinley loved the Applebee's ladies room for their loud music, as mentioned earlier the oversized changing station in Nordstrom and the huge family restroom at Buy, Buy, Baby! He may be fussy upon entry, but once he's laying down, it's all smile and coos for this kid.

You will find, if you haven't already, that kids are very adaptable. If you take them out and about during their first couple of months in this world, they will become acclimated to the world around them. If you leave them at home all the time, how in the world can you blame them for acting out when you do finally expose them to the outside world? It would seem to me that they are on sensory overload and can't handle all the things going on around them. I guess each to his own, but for this family, we are movers and shakers and McKinley is shaking it like a pro!!

Photo Session:
These are the two pieces McKinley received on his first trip to Nordstrom! The hoodie on the left was taken on his one month birthday. I love the green and cream stripes with the navy anchor. Very nautical! The madris plaid shorts were captured on his two month birthday. He has room to grow into them, and he sort of looks like Urchel, but I don't care! I just can't believe how much he changed in just one short month. Regardless, he is styling in both photos, as I knew he would!

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