Friday, July 8, 2011

First of Many

I commented to Joel over the weekend that I am so happy McKinley was born so early in the year. Granted April isn't terribly early, but early enough that we will experience so many of his first holidays together. So far, we've had our first Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Fourth of July. There are tons of others firsts as well, like our first road trip which you've already read about, our first time at the pool, our first time at a Royals game...really our first time to do just about anything! He's so little now that he has no idea what is truly going on around him and I can't wait to see his reaction when he realizes all of these new adventures.

Our first Easter with McKinley was so much fun. He was only two weeks old, but he got his first Easter baskets from both us and his grandparents. He also had his first Easter egg hunt where he scored over $200 from the Easter Bunny! Where was that bunny when I was two weeks old?? But the best part about his first Easter was the fact that his great grandmother and great aunt flew out to Kansas to meet him. They were here for a week and we loved spending time with them. He was showered with love and affection.

Our first Mother's Day together is something I will always treasure. He really took the time to think through his gifts and gave me things I will use and definitely treasure! For starters, he got me What to Expect the First Year and he wrote the sweetest note informing me why he purchased the book. I need to laminate the note so it doesn't rip. I have to say the book has come in very handy. He also gave me the sweetest Mother's ring. Now, he is an only child so technically there should only be one stone, but he said that he wanted my birthstone in the middle with his and daddy's on either side since I am the center of their lives. How thoughtful is he and how insightful? Again, he was only two weeks old!!! He also got me a little picture frame that says "I Love Mommy" but love is actually a heart. His cards were sweet as well. McKinley truly is a swell guy! I should also add that his daddy ain't too shabby either!

His first Father's Day was a great day as well! Again, McKinley is such a thoughtful kid! He got his daddy a sizeable gift card to his favorite golf course in town, Royals tickets for the Diamond Club, as well as some pretty adorable Father's Day cards. They spent the day together, with me in the background, just being father and son. It was fun watching them bond! I have a feeling they are going to best friends when McKinley gets older. I can't wait to see their relatioship blossom.

Our first Fourth of July was wonderful and we made a weekend of it. We kicked things off with a bbq on that Saturday. McKinley's friend Kaitlyn came with her parents, and in typical guy fashion, he ignored her all night long! What is it with men? I seriously see now that they are born with this trait, where we girls put it all out there as Kaitlyn did that night. She tried several times to gain his attention but he had nothing to do with her. We are going to have to work on that! Monday was the actual fourth and McKinley celebrated by taking the longest nap ever!! When he finally woke up around noon, he had his afternoon bottle and then we dressed him in bathing suit. That's right! We went to the pool! My parents have a neighborhood pool down the street so we loaded up the pool bag, put McKinley in his stroller and took a leisure walk to the pool. We weren't sure how he would react ,since there are times when he hates taking a bath, but he LOVED it! I am elated! I personally love the pool, well water in general, I was so hoping he would be a water baby. Granted he's only three months and things could change, but for now he loves it.

The remaining firsts for the year are going to be amazing! For holidays, we still have our first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's. Our other firsts are unlimited and I can't wait to experience them all!

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