Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Saks Fifth Avenue Styling Session

In 2007 my mom and I, along with my friend Jennifer and her mom, took a trip to New York for the weekend. Our sole purpose for the trip was to see Cyrano de Bergerac starring Kevin Klein and Jennifer Garner. But, how can you travel to NY and not do a little shopping? And eating and drinking and tons of walking.... God I love NY!

My mom and I had a few hours of mother/daughter time and found our way to Saks Fifth Avenue. And, by luck, they were having styling sessions with their top Saks stylists. I jumped at the chance to be styled by the pros! While browsing around, I found this super cute top! I call it a top, but it's really a cross between a tunic and a dress. Through the photos below, you can see all the different ways they styled me. Three looks, one top! Just how I love to work my own closet!

From the photo below, I purchased the Steve Madden boots! (You can just see them picking out at the bottom of the photo and again in the third photo. The stylist is holding them.) Wore them for years and recently retired them. 

I'm not sure what happened while having this photo was taken, but don't worry, I wasn't in shock. I purchased the black top layered under the silver one. However, I think I hastily gave it away. Deep down, I'm hoping it's in storage! 

I think she's showing me how to pose for the camera!

This is one happy girl! I had a wonderful time and learned so much in that brief hour! Part of the reason why I would love to be a stylist!

Oddly enough, when I got home I was terrified of wearing this top! I think I was out of my comfort zone of NY. Could I really wear this in Kansas City and not have others pass judgement? I concurred my fear and wore it to a birthday/New Years Eve party that following year. Yes, a year went by before I wore the top! I haven't looked back!

Posing with my friend Kipp at said party. This is really the only head to toe photo I have of the look. I wore it as a dress and paired it with black, opaque tights and my peep toe booties that I love!

A more formal photo with my hubby!

I wore it as a tunic to my final baby shower in March of 2011. I was a little over eight months pregnant and felt the need to be sparkling, even though I really felt like a whale! I paired it with my skinny jeans, layered a black tee underneath and added my broach statement necklace. Coincidentally, I had never worn the necklace before that day. Purchased at least a year before, again I feared how to style it. See how I've worn it here, here and here.

I have found that since that styling in 2007, I've truly tried to embrace all that fashion has to offer. I've tried trends, and failed, but I've also had some major successes! If you don't try, you will never know what works for you. And even though this is far easier said than done, don't worry about what others think! They may actually be thinking, I love that! 

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