Monday, August 12, 2013

As Summer Continues....

This is the time of year where I start struggling with summer! Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but I get tired of wearing my summer clothes. For some reason, I feel like I run out of ideas for mixing and matching, unlike with my fall and winter clothes. (However, I run into this same issue with fall/winter around the March timeframe!) So instead of fighting with the remainder of summer, and my wardrobe, I've been thinking about how to mix up what I've already worn.
How I've only worn this lacy, bright skirt once is beyond me! It's a perfect summer color as it's the color of sunshine. And, who doesn't need a little sun in their lives on a daily basis? How to re-work it is the question. A denim button down? Could be too close to the jacket. White button down? Could be boring. I love a challenge!
The shorts and skirt haven't been worn since last summer. But, did you notice that I wore the same t-neck with both? Styling challenge? Yes please! For the shorts, I may need to lose the self-belt as it adds bulk if I leave something untucked. The skirt has a panel that needs to be covered. Both are so cute that I know I can make some magic happen!

I really don't think I will limit myself to summer with the blush leather top. Honestly, this is something can be worn well into October around here. I've got some things in mind. I'm thinking a long black skirt, my white suit, boyfriend jeans to dress it down, maybe dressy shorts for a dinner date with my hubs and pencil skirts. What about paired with this one?
I just love this Chevron print skirt! It's so comfy, easy to wear, figure flattering but hard to style. The navy isn't really navy and hard to mach. Again, I may try denim or a cute cardigan.

A rainy day today detered me from wearing this very suit! I had it all planned too. Just wait! Photos to come later this week. I just hope it all comes together as I have it planned in my head....
I do love my white suit, and after Labor Day weekend, it will be put away until next season. I wear the pieces separately all the time,  seen here and here, but I never really seem to wear the suit as often. Going to make that a challenge for the next couple of weeks! I've got the tops. Just need to mix up the shoes and accessories.

What do you do to beat the summer rut? Remix, buy new or just give up? Let's discuss!
Happy Monday

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