Monday, August 5, 2013

How I Wore It - Vacation Packing

A couple of weeks I blogged about what I planned to pack for our trip home to Virginia. Five days, a handful of looks and three people in one suitcase! We made it, with checked bag fee and overage charges to boot! (Thanks to my parents who drove for allowing us to borrow a smaller suitcase to come home with sans overage charge!) I didn't get around to taking one outfit pic. Instead, I enjoyed time with family and just lived in the clothing I wore. So, instead of posed photos, I'm sharing with you pictures from the trip and I wore what I packed!
This is what I wore on the plane ride to VA. I never needed the white blazer, but it did come in handy later in the trip.

On Sunday we attended the picnic style family reunion. I changed out the red belt for a neon yellow, but ended up leaving it on the bed so it never got packed! No worries. I felt more comfortable without the belt, and with the statement necklace I wore, it might have been a little too much!
Goofing off with the family while my dad was getting the right exposure. I wore the white blazer earlier in the day as there was a slight chill before the rain set in. (Note that my mom and I have both have on black and white. Not planned but always happens!)

Hello humidity! That's what happens with rain. And, there was no need for the jacket after that!

After the reunion, we ran home to change in time to hangout with some additional family members. It was a day of reunions!
We spent Monday with my dad's side of the family in the early afternoon and on my Great Grandparent's Farmstead later in the day. I wanted to capture photos of McKinley on the farm since he won't get to spend the kind of time I did as a child.
Normally, I tuck in this top but I was at a point where I wanted to be comfortable, so tucking wasn't an option! It felt a lot more relaxed as a result.

We had a wonderful trip and spent valuable time with family. So many new memories were made, and on a styling note, I truly packed appropriately for the trip! I was comfortable, at times a little warm with the gross amounts of humidity due to afternoon showers, and never felt the need to have my closet near by. Mission accomplished!
Here are a few more photos from the trip. Enjoy!

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