Thursday, August 8, 2013


Dress: Anthropologie; Belt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Nine West;
Sunnies: ?; Necklaces: My Mom's/Gift
I can't believe I haven't worn this dress since summer of 2011! This used to be a staple during the summer and so glad I rediscovered it. Things have changed since the last time I wore it. Like, it used to have short sleeves! Turns out, after taking it to the dry cleaner, the delicate fabric was actually shredded at the seam along the back so I opted to remove the sleeve to save the dress.
I actually like it sleeveless. It gives it a little more modern feel. I've somehow lost the self-belt that came with the dress, and I honestly tried others in it's place, but the old stand by just works best. Why mess with success, right? I did swap out the shoes. These little guys were in the toss pile and I believe I've removed them permantly. Nothing like a good shoe! They too haven't been worn since 2011!
I guess this who look is about rediscovery, huh?  
The Dress: Before and After

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