Friday, August 9, 2013

1950s Television

Sweater: Target; Tank: Target; Skirt: Made by Mom; Shoes: Jimmy Choo;
Bracelets: Ralph Lauren/Part of Set; Belt: From Another Dress; Necklace: Baublebar
To me, this look is something straight out of 1950s sitcom. Something that maybe Lucille Ball or Barbara Billingsley would have worn on their respective shoes. Full skirt, check! Wide belt at waist, added. Cute cardigan, done! All I needed a full crinoline underneath the skirt!
This is the skirt I was looking for last week! Where was it you ask? At my mom's house! This skirt was made by her years ago and it's still one of my favorites. We have some amazing fabric for a new skirt, but figuring out how to cut it has been a challenge. It's a bold floral and we want to make sure it meets up once pinned.
This look just sort of happened and I love it when that happens! Normally, I wear this skirt with the exact same thing. A black fitted tee and sandals. Boring! It was slight cooler yesterday and this yellow cardigan fit the bill. I tucked it in, add a wide belt and opted for pumps instead of sandals. They really gave it a more dressy feel. Just like Lucy and Barbara. Who doesn't vacuum in heels,right? 
Styling Tip: Left untucked, the cardigan was a little too long for the skirt which cut my body in half. To lenghten my torso, which in turns makes me appear taller, I decided to button it and tuck it in. Adding the wide belt defined my waist creating a pulled together look. 


Happy Friday Everyone!!

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