Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Niagra Falls

Sweater: Ann Taylor; Top: Ann Taylor; Skinnies: Ann Taylor;
Boots: Hunter (gift); Sunnies: MARC by Marc Jacobs; Earrings: Silpada;
Bracelets: Silpada/Millsaps/My Mom's/Madewell; Lip Color: NARS Shanghai Express

Yesterday it rained buckets all morning, ruining what I had planned to wear! Never fear! I heard my Piller Box Red Hunter's calling me from the garage and I quickly changed gears. I considered sporting a skirt with the boots, but decided to just go with my skinnies. I didn't have that much time to experiment with my look so I just went with what works.
I love red and navy together. And, because the boots are so bright, I really wanted them to be the focal point of my look. How could they not be? Just look at them! They are so shiny! I love the mix of blues too. So cool in tone. However, once the sun came out that afternoon, I really didn't need to the cardigan as it was so steamy. But, with the breeze off the foutain, I felt like I was standing in the mist of Niagra Falls. Good thing I had my boots!

The Top: Before and After



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Unknown said...

WOW Andrea I like your Outfit, your Hunter Boots look really yummy with your Skinnies.