Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Guide to Makeup Brushes - A Beauty Post

I love makeup and everything that goes along with it. I love to test new products, play around with color and I'm always trying different techniques. One of my favorite things to do is set up an appointment at the MAC counter and let the makeup artists play! They are the ones to learn from because they know all the tricks of the trade. Plus, they tell you what colors work best with your complexion, how to apply it based on your features and you walk away with a little diagram of how they did what they did! That is honestly how I've learned to do things with my makeup over the years. That, and a lot of practice!

 From the experts, I've also learned about brushes and the best way to utilize them. I have quite the collection, as you can see, and I truly do use them all. However, I do have what I consider essential brushes and that's what I'm going to share with you today! As you can see, I have a hodgepodge of brushes from different brands. I don't believe you have to invest in all the same manufacturers. I have mostly MAC products, but the white brushes are from the Sonia Kashuk line for Target. And, I literally use this little set of brushes everyday! Everyday!

Listed left to right, you can see what their specific uses are, but I'll give you a little more detail. I generally use the flat allover brush as my highlighter under the brow, but when I'm lazy, I will use it for all over color. Same with the fluff brush on the far end. They both work well, but I don't use the fluff brush for highlight. It grabs too much color.

The brow brush does exactly what it sounds like it does, but I also use it to spread out lashes if they're clumpy. My lid brush is used only on the lid. It grabs a ton of color and I apply from the lash line to the crease. Stop there! I love this blush brush! It's simply the perfect size and adds just the right amount of color.  The crease brush, slightly hidden in the photo is used for the crease only. Just add color and blend throughout the crease. That simple! The concealer brush is multi-functional. I rarely use it for concealer, although it does a great job. I mostly use it to spread on my MAC eye paint. It adds just the right amount of coverage.

Just like any good jewelry box full of accessories, your brushes shouldn't be complete without some of these additional ones below.

The flat blush brush is a great tool for cream blushes. And cream blushes are the best thing to use during the summer months. It adds a little reinforcement in your cheek color as the powder will fade with oil. However, the flat brush is great for applying foundation. The experts say you should never use your hands to apply makeup because it adds dirt and oil to your face. I, however don't follow that rule and simply use this brush for blush (I'm such a rebel!) The feather brush is a great highlighting tool. Use this when contouring blush underneath your cheekbones. Or, use it to brush away any access makeup that may have fallen off your eye shadow brushes. 

I used to use black shadow every morning as my eyeliner and I would apply it using the angle tip brush. I have since moved to actual liner, it's richer in tone, but when I want a subtle liner I still reach for the shadow. Lastly, everyone should have a large powder brush. Great for all over the face or applying bronzer.

And you need a darling way to display your brushes, right? I've always had some version of a cup as my container and I love this new addition! I feel so lady like, and a little luxe, when I reach for a brush in this little piece of Paris on my counter!!

Now that you have your brushes, we need to talk about caring for them! Check back tomorrow...

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