Monday, June 17, 2013

Shorts Suits - A Styling Session

Suit: Ann Taylor; Tank: Target; Belt: Target; Shoes: Kate Spade;
Handbag: Kate Spade; Necklace: Ann Taylor; Sunnies: Prada
Last week it was in the upper 90s and I was ready for the heat! We've had a relatively cool start to summer, which was nice for a while, but I don't live in the Midwest for cool summers! Bring on the heat, I say!
So, what does one wear to work when it's stifling outside? A shorts suit! This suit was purchased in early spring from Ann Taylor and I couldn't wait to wear it. It's seersucker, which is a perfect fabric for summer, because it's very light weight. The pink and white stripes are subtle which lends itself for various styling options. And it's a chic option for the office when styled appropriately.
Let's discuss how to style a shorts suit for the office. First, you have to work in the right environment. I'm lucky because we have a pretty laid back dress code. (And when I say laid back, I often see people walking around in jeans and tennis shoes.) I would say that if you work in fashion, for yourself, a smaller company that has a relaxed dress code, a creative environment or retail, then you are cleared! If you work in a law firm or in high-powered corporate job then a shorts suit is completely off limits!
Second, when purchasing a shorts suit, make sure the shorts are good length. You don't want to wear a four inch short to work. Save those for vacations and weekends. However, you don't want a Bermuda short either. Those are a tad too long. These are a six inch short and I think the length is perfect. Third, if you are going to wear a heel, make sure it's not any taller than two inches. I personally think anything taller is really moving into a dangerous territory.
I had fun styling my suit. Because the colors are so light, I decided to add a punch with neon yellow. You only need a nod here and there. The belt just peaked out from under the jacket allowing the bold necklace to really be the focal point. I rolled up the sleeve and pushed them up to my elbows to create a more fun look. I kept my heels neutral in tone, as well as my bag, and I really love how the whole look came together!

I wouldn't stop myself from purchasing a shorts suit because, like a pants suit, it really is a great investment. You can wear it as a suit or mix and match the pieces with other things in your closet. They are great for dinners out or summer deck parties. Pack it for a vacation so you have several different looks for your trip! The jacket would be great with jeans or over a dress. The shorts would pair nicely with basic white tees, a chambray shirt for layering and a denim jacket for cooler temps.

What are your thoughts on wearing shorts to work? Is your office ready for this type of attire or is it a complete HR no-no? Let's discuss!
Happy Monday!
All photos courtesy of Richard Lawson

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