Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caring for Your Brushes - A Beauty Post

So, you now have your collection of brushes and you've become well acquainted! You've experimented with them and can now apply your makeup like the pros. And, just like anything else, you need to care of them. Maybelline tweeted about brush care a couple of weeks ago which was a timely reminder! Especially for me! 

Because your brushes come in constant contact with your skin, you're not only picking up oil off of your skin, you are also filling those brushes with dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria. GROSS! Who needs another reason to clean your brushes? With that, let's get cleaning!!

As you can see from my ad above, I am a big fan of MACs brush cleanser. This pale pink cleanser will clean and disinfect your brushes, while condition the brush fibers, therefore extending the life of your brush. Need more reasons? This bottle is $14.00 and lasts a long time!

So here's what I do? I simply wet my brush. I pour a tiny amount of cleanser into the palm of my hand and roll the brush around in a circular motion.

See all that dirt and grim? These brushes were in serious need of cleaning! And, you can see the tiny bit I applied. It goes a very long way! Do this same thing with every brush. You may find a technique that works better for you.

Once all of your brushes are clean, lay them out on a fluffy towel to air dry. And that's it! It is so easy to do and truly doesn't take all that much time out of your daily grind.

How often should you clean your brushes you ask? Well, according to the MAC reps, everyday. I know, I know. Who has time to clean your brushes everyday? Considering the amount of time that had lapsed since I last cleaned mine, I'm not one to judge. Below is a good gauge:

Once a week – Foundation, Powder and Blush Brushes

Every 2-3 Days – Eyeshadow Brushes

Every Day – Eyeliner Brushes

There you have it! My guide to the essential brush collection and how to care for them! Hopefully, we can all make a solemn vow to keep our brushes clean from here on out! After hearing all that stuff that's been building up in mine, I know I'm going to make a more concerted effort! You?

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