Thursday, May 30, 2013

Style My Way - Trend Alert

Last January I blogged about neon and how popular it was going to be for spring 2012. Well, here we are on the verge of summer 2013 and it's just as hot as it was a year ago! I love neon! I have since the 80s. So I thought I would share with all of you some of my picks for summer. You can go little or big! It's completely up to you. I personally think accessories are key, but I do have a day-glow pink dress that I swear you can see from space! (Blog post to come for sure!)

This cross-body bag from Cambridge Satchel Company was on the list in 2012 and is still a piece I would love to add to my handbag collection. I've said it before, I'm normally not such a pink girl, but this bubble gum color is calling my name!

These pieces from Ann Taylor are a great way to add color without feeling like you're going overboard! And, I love the mix of snow white. It really makes the yellow pop.

Another great accessory is shoes and these flats don't disappoint. Remember Jelly shoes? If you were a child of the 80s you do. The Kate Spade's on the left are a great upgrade to those I bought at Venture so long ago. The Coconuts on the right are a great little fabric flat and on trend with the pointed toe.

Another great way of adding neon, without feeling overwhelmed by color, is to dress up your high tech pieces. The tablet case from Marc Jacobs is super cute and the iPhone case from Kate Spade is sumblimely happy! 

I just purchased this wristlet today! A piece from the Milly Collection at Banana Republic, it has the metallic trend with a hint of neon on the zipper!

And for those of you who want to go all out neon, below are three pieces that will make your closet zing! The dress from Michael Kors is a simple sheath in daring hot pink. The Equipment blouse is all you need when equipped....see what I did there....with the right skinny jean.

 And nothing says shocking like these hot pink chinos from J.Crew Factory! They will definitely give your legs a jolt!

Lastly, with it raining like cats and dogs this week, I'm loving my Hunters for protection. I live in my black pair, but would LOVE to expand the color pallette and include these! They aren't necessarily neon, but oh how bright they are! Have I mentioned that red is my favorite color?
 So, is neon your new favorite color for summer? When paired with white and black, you really can't go wrong! Is this a trend you're going to try or do you already have a closet full? Let's discuss!

Happy Shopping!

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