Thursday, June 6, 2013

Makeup 101 in a Box

This seems to be beauty week on Style My Way so let's keep this party going with a little Makeup 101 in a Box. While preparing to put on makeup this morning, I opened up my makeup case to find these darling stila compacts starting at me. Literally! Look at the eye. It's staring at you now too!

What I love about this compact cover is that the eye is a hologram so you can see what the end result will look like.

This little compact is genius! It comes complete with a tutorial that walks you through how to apply each color all at the push of a button. That's right! Push that little "Press Here" button and she will walk you through the application!

In case she ever runs out of batteries (I'm not sure if that will happen), the shadow cover also tells you what color to apply where! Seriously, Makeup 101 in a Box!

After applying the quad this morning, this is the end result! I haven't used this in a long time and I love it!! I'm not normally a line on the bottom lash line kind of girl, but I felt like the look called for it. Not sure if this is true, but I think my eyes look wider!

This second stila compact comes complete with a cheek and lip color which happen to be the same color! That is an age old technique. Ever feel that your cheek color has completely evaporated at the end of a long day? Take your lip color, apply to the cheek and dab. My grandmother has done this for years!

Like the compact above, there is a little "Press Here" button and she walks you through the application. And, it too has the process in writing!

 As you can see, this compact has seen many applications!

Now, here is a tiny tutorial from me. Notice how there is a base and a lid color for both compacts? Well, if you are wondering how to apply with your new brushes, use your fluffy or flat allover brush to cover the entire eye with the base. Next, use your lid brush for just the lid, lash line to crease. The first quad has a crease color so apply using the crease brush. Since the liner is a shadow, this is where the angle liner brush comes in. And lastly, the cheek color above is a cream so use the flat blush brush for the cheek color.

Now, where to shop? I found my stila compacts at Sephora, but you can also get them at Nordstrom. This is a purchase that speaks to me....literally! 

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