Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Do You Know Jacqueline Smith"

One of my favorite movies is "Sweet Home Alabama", and when I purchased this Jacqueline Smith dress, all I could think about was the line...."Do you know Jacqueline Smith?" And I should use the term purchase loosely as this is one of the pieces I "purchased" with the gift card won from Kmart back in February.

This dress is timeless! The black and white stripes, the self-tie belt, the fact that its a maxi all make for a recipe that I will try again and again! In fact, this is the second wearing of the dress styled exactly like this. I wore it see Next to Normal at the Kaufman Center a couple of weekends ago and it was perfect for a matinee and dinner after. The only difference was that I paired it with a black shrug. 

What you don't see in this pic is the denim jacket I used at work. I swear, it is 90+ outside but Arctic in the building! I couldn't fathom wearing the jacket for photos. Stifling is what I would have been! What you can see is the jacket and how I've worn it here, here and here!



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