Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekend Purchases

Remember how I shopped at the new Banana Republic store on the Country Club Plaza this weekend, well I never showed you what I brought home! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so ready for spring and a change in wardrobe selection. I have a few new things that my mom recently purchased for me from Ann Taylor, and though I may not be able to wear them immediately, they will certainly come in handy come May and June!

As for the Banana purchases, I have already started planning outfits in my head. This top is light as air and will look great belted with jeans and pants or left loose for a more casual feel. I had my eye on a coralish belt from Ann Taylor and may need to go back for it soon! My skinny jeans will be perfect along with flats and sandals, but tall boots might work as well. Especially, if this is worn on cooler days during spring. As I was browsing Anthropologie’s website yesterday, I found these wide leg pants that I think would be perfect with the blouse. I love that the pants are high waisted and how wide the legs really are! I can see my Jessica Simpson wedges with them now! Oh happy day!

I was amazed by a piece of jewelry displayed through out the store and knew I had to add it to my collection. I’m really into large pieces these days and this certainly fits the bill. I was going to wear it today, but didn’t feel the need to wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row! So, it will make it’s debut next week. I think it will look great with the top above, but I already have so many outfits planned around this one necklace. You gotta love when one piece is going to get a workout in your wardrobe. You feel justified by the purchase. Now, here is the disappointing news. It’s not shown on their website anywhere! All I can figure is that it’s sold out online because it is the MUST have piece for spring. You will just have to wait until next week for the reveal!

Now, there are a few things on my radar that I didn’t pick up, but need to soon. If I don’t, it could be like the necklace. Sold Out! I must have cabin fever because I am drooling over spring items this year!

All photos courtesy of Banana Republic’s website.

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