Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Packing - My Daily Outfit Layout

Earlier in the week I blogged about how I start packing for a trip and today I have for you my daily outfit creations. What I'm also going to show you is how I've doubled up wear with several items. Again, we are planning to take only one suitcase for the three of so space is limited! (This coming from a girl who packed five winter coats for a trip to NY several years ago!)
Take a look at what I've created below.  
This is what I plan to wear on the plane. I need layers in order stay somewhat warm on an airplane. Does anyone else freeze? I've added a blazer and scarf for both texture and necessity! Slip on shoes are a must when going through security but I plan to pack socks so I'm not walking across the disgusting floor in bare feet!
As I mentioned before, Saturday is already planned with our "cousin" t-shirt! I'm not about to reveal the design so you will just have to wait for daily outfit posts post-trip! However, I plan to wear my Loft boyfriend jeans and a surprise shoe!
Sunday is the picnic style family reunion. I picked this darling dress for ease and comfort. However, the forecast is calling for cooler temps so I'm taking along my white blazer that I wore on Friday. (And I've already changed my mind on the styling. Substituting red for neon yellow!) Later in the day will be a little more relaxed. The boyfriend jeans are a repeat from Saturday, as is the blazer from Friday and earlier in the day!
Monday we visit with my dad's side of the family. Depending on the temps, and how I feel, I'll either wear shorts or mint jeans with this fav eyelet top! This shoe is the only one not on repeat and I'm thinking about trading it out.
It's already Tuesday and time to head home. The skinnies and scarf from Friday will be in rotation, along with the silver Tory Burch flats from Sunday. A cute striped sweater is what will keep me warm on the flight home.   

I do have one extra look in mind. My beloved striped tee that can be mixed with either my mint or boyfriends jeans and I'll probably throw in an extra pair of shorts just in case. This optional look will go with any of the shoes already shown.
I feel I've done a pretty good job in keeping my side of the suitcase in check. It's a good mix of layers, textures and comfortable pieces that won't have me longing for my closet. What are your thoughts on my packing strategy? Do they work?

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