Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trend Alert - NEON

This latest trend takes me back to 1985 when I sported neon as a child. I remember it fondly. A faux leather belt with neon colored squares in pink, lime, orange and yellow that snapped together around my waist. And not really around my waist, but low on my hips. As they say, everything old is truly new again.

So here we are in 2012 and we're looking at neon for spring. Will I wear such a strong statement in my late 30s, probably not, but there are hints from my youth that I can incorporate with this "new" fashion trend!

1) Neon Nail Polish
This bold color from Essie is perfect for spring and will spruce up any tired winter look!

2) A Bright Handbag
This cross body bag is all the rage and it comes in some very bright colors. Why not pair this hot pink version with winters grays and blacks for a "little" pop of color!

3) A Sunny Scarf
A scarf is so simple yet so effective when adding something special to your outfit. This darling sunny yellow version will add a ray of light to any look!

(Xhilaration Scarf from Target)

4) Phone Protector
Got an iPhone? How about livening up the look of said phone with this darling striped case. This totally reminds me of cotton candy!

(Kate Spade book stripe iPhone Case)

5) Arm Candy
Why not kill four birds with one watch! Wear this darling slap watch and time will surely fly by with every glance!

(Xhilaration Mulitcolor Slap Watch)

Will you embrace the neon movement or steer clear of the trend all together? I'm thinking in small doses, this could be something fun for winter to perk up those snowy white days!

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