Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall Obsession - Navy Handbags

You know me! There is always at least one item that I am obsessed with at some point in the year, and for fall it's a navy handbag. Flipping through this months edition of People Style Watch, I spotted a darling shopper tote from Zara. And while researching navy handbags for this post, I have how discovered that said bag is SOLD OUT! What? Now I'm obsessed with something that's sold out! However, remember that post about the Gap sequined belts.... I always get my item!

What will I do if I can't get my hands on this super cute bag? I guess I will have to go out in search of reinforcements! Good thing there is online browsing available for me to stalk other cute bags. Here are some that I have my eye on just in case I can't get the original.

This bowling ball-esque satchel is so lady like. And roomy! It has three compartments to hold all of my essentials. And when I say essentials, these days I mean McKinley's essentials. Stuffed animals, spoons when on the go, shoes, snacks and then whatever I need to get through the day!

I love the shape of this Rebecca Minkoff "MAB" bag. She is all about the zipper detail, which is one reason why I love my crossbody bag. But this satchel is so cool in its design. Definitely different than anything I currently own!

And, if we are going off of obsessions, and dreams, then I'm obsessed with dreaming that one day I will own a Chloe bag. They are so out of my price range, but that's why they call them dreams, right? And, what a classic, chic bag to add to my collection. 

 Would you splurge on a navy bag? Do you think the color is timeless or trendy?

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