Friday, August 3, 2012

Where Do I Fit In?

This is supposed to be a lifestyle blog so I thought I would take a minute to talk about just that, life. As I type this, I'm struggling to find my place in life. I've never been the popular girl, the girl next door, a sorority girl or the "It" girl. I've always been status quo girl and I've always been okay with that. I'm under the radar. Just one of the guys. I don't have to live up to a certain standard of girlhood.
So with all of that said, where in life do I truly fit in? Lately, I haven't felt like I fit in anywhere. I'm not comfortable in my own skin. I don't really fit into a certain mold at work. I'm one of two friends that has a child so I don't feel like I fit into my circle of friends anymore. I'm the mother of McKinley, a role I cherish, but I can't seem to find my footing among my family. And, I'm struggling to find where I fit in the blogging world. Blogging, like life, is all about popularity, and I find that I'm not a part of that popular group either.
 Sure, I do the whole social networking thing. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, rewardStyle and Currently Obsessed but I still can't reach a broader audience. I've partnered with Ann Taylor on a giveway, something I strive to do more of in the coming months, but that didn't amount to much readership. I was featured on Kmart's style blog, which was a huge honor, and I hoped that would lead to another partnership. Didn't happen. So what does this girl need to do get this blog off the ground?

I've changed direction at least five times and my voice is still a little hoarse. I've said this before. I can blog about my personal style, but does anyone out there truly care what I'm wearing on a somewhat daily basis? I mean, I do, but do you? I can blog about my child and how amazing he is, but do you really care about what color his latest poop was? I can blog about the tomatoes I've grown, the desserts I've made and decorated or how my rooms are transformed as I redecorate, but do you really want to see all of that transpire? And, do I really need to worry about it and just continue to blog about what I care about most?
As I continue to find my way in life, I will continue to blog about my fashion, my son, my husband, my tomatoes, my home and anything in between. Will that bring more readers, probably not? Will that get me sponsorships? Hasn't yet. Will it get me an invite to Fashion Week so I can sit along side some of the bloggers I follow who do? Nope, but I will get there one day. And, will it help me find my place in life? That's only for me to decide, but you can witness the journey if you desire.

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