Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My DIY - The Elegant Chair

A little over a month ago, I hosted a garage sale to rid my house, and my life, of stuff. And believe me, have stuff. On that Friday morning, I looked out my window to see cars lined up outside our house. I thought gold mine! Everyone was here for my garage sale. Then I walked outside. The people in cars, and people outside, were lining up for the estate sale that was taking place next door. Okay, so they weren't here for me, but I didn't reap the benefits of their sale. As folks were heading there, or heading out, they always stopped by and eventually I was down to nothing by Saturday afternoon. I was a happy garage sale hostess!

But the downfall of the estate sale next door was that my mom and I shopped....a lot! She purchased mostly glassware and I walked away with a 1960s arm chair. And a dress. The dress is simply amazing. Definitely Rachel Zoe inspired, in my mind, and it's at alterations now. Can't wait to sport it soon and share this vintage gown. Did I mention it's a gown? Back to the chair. After spotting the dress, I spotted the chair. It was sitting there among all the clutter that goes with estate sales, but it definitely caught my eye! And I knew it wouldn't stay its current state. It would be transformed to this stunning piece of furniture that I would eventually sell. I got the chair the for half off. I waited until the final sale day to purchase. If the chair was still there, it was meant to be. And, on Sunday, everything was 50% off. And after much thinking, and conspiring with my mom and what I could do with the chair, we rearranged my house in order to make it fit. That's right, I am keeping the chair!

Here is my chair! My dad calls it my "elegant chair" and I think he's right. I've got big plans for this piece. I only hope it turns out like I think it will in my head. 

 And here are some of my early supplies. Fine sandpaper, fine steel wool (in case I need to go over it again once I've sanded), and my awesome paint color with a new brush. Not pictured, tack cloth. I asked my dad what was the best method to remove dust from the chair post sanding and he said this was the best stuff. It's tacky and it totally did the trick.

Here are some small details about the chair. It contains a ton of little grooves that needed sanding and were hard to get to. Imagine trying to paint them! Rough...no pun intended. 


So I just got to sanding. I didn't want to take it down to the raw wood. I just wanted to get the sheen off of the original paint. In the end, it was never super rough. There was a little smoothness to the wood. I wasn't sure I could ever get it off.



So I've sanded. And I've sanded and I've sanded. I've been covered in dust, in need of a manicure, and loving every moment spent working on this piece! Now it's time to start removing all the upholstery from the chair. Dear God, the staples and tacks that are involved.... Can't wait to share it all with you!

Stay tuned. Next week the elegant chair journey continues!


Katie N said...

Love this chair! I can't wait to see this pretty when you re finish it!

Style My Way said...

Thanks Katie!! I hope it turns out like I've envisioned!!

Meg - Life of Meg said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out! Looking to possibly do this with two of our living room chairs!

Style My Way said...

Meg, it is a labor of love and I'm loving every minute of it! I will blog about the entire process so stat tuned!!
XOXO! Andrea