Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Chic Swimsuits

In typical Kansas style, we've gone from constant rain (though it's still in the forecast for most of next week), and we've left temps in the mid 60s for low 90s over night. Summer is in full force and it's time to start thinking about pool time. We didn't go all that often last season, but McKinley has been asking for about a week when he can go to the pool. I'm going to need a new suit or two. 

Also, we're heading to the beach in July so swimsuits will replace cut-offs and cute tops. That means I will need a few at my disposal for the week. I normally wear a halter style, and a tank version when playing with McKinley, but I've found some super chic styles that I think would look great on vacation. I won't wear them to the neighborhood pool, they're not practical for that, but having one in my collection is a must. Here are my picks for summer!


What kind of suit are you in the market for this season? Can't wait to hit the pool soon. And who knows, it could be in one of these chic suits!

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