Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cocktail Confessions: Sweet Tea with Lemon Vodka

I am not a typical cocktail drinker. In fact, I don't drink cocktails at all. Unless they come with a ton of fruit and an umbrella. I like those. But to order a vodka tonic like my mom or a Jack and water like my husband, it's just not happening. I love beer, I drink wine to seem fancy, and when given the opportunity, I will always order champagne. But to order something like an Old Fashion or Manhattan, never.

So I've decided it's time to experiment with spirits to find my cocktail. And, since we're headed to the beach later this summer, I thought it might be fun to create a cocktail or two for all of us to drink while there. And my first creation was the Sweet Tea with Lemon Vodka. I love sweet tea, but I'm not a huge fan of lemon in my tea. But I know a lot of people are, so I thought why not add lemon vodka to this instead of an actual lemon.

To make the tea, bring six cups of water to a boil. Add six tea bags and one cup of sugar to a pitcher. Pour the hot water over both. Steep for 30 minutes. Then add another six cups of cold water to your steeped tea. 

Once the tea is ready, it's time to make the cocktail. You need your favorite lemon vodka, the sweet tea, a shot glass, and glasses. Oh, and ice!

Add the sweet to your glass, about 3/4 of the way.

Add one jigger of vodka to each glass. More if you're daring!



Add a lemon wedge for garnish. A spring of mint would look pretty too. 

Sip and enjoy! My parents loved it and my mom thought the squeeze of lemon added a little extra zip. I liked it too! Definitely a refreshing summer cocktail!

If you enjoy fun cocktails, follow along with Cocktail Confessions! I hope to find my favorite drink and I might possibly host a cocktail party to introduce my friends to some of my favs! And, if you try any of these at home, let me know which ones you liked best!


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