Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cocktail Confessions - White Chocolate Vanilla Cocktail

The other day my mom and I were thinking about desserts. I love desserts, a sweet tooth that I wish weren't so sweet, and I'm always thinking ahead to the end of the meal. And chocolate! I can't get enough chocolate and in any form. I love milk chocolate. Chocolate milk. Coco Krispies instead of dinner. Iced mochas. And then I started thinking about a liquid dessert. Hot chocolate. Milkshakes. Frosty's. Instead of eating a dessert at the end of the meal, why not drink it?  

A white chocolate vanilla cocktail is what I consider dessert in a glass. Here's what you need!

White Chocolate Liquor such as Godiva, Vanilla Vodka, and a block of chocolate

Fill a small tumbler with one jigger of white chocolate liquor and vanilla vodka. 



And before serving, use a small rasp and shave a little chocolate over the cocktail. So pretty! 

Your dessert in a glass!

Seriously, this drink is so good. It could honestly replace an actual dessert. And my mom and I agree, you have to be super careful with this one! It could definitely sneak up on you!


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