Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cocktail Confessions: Watermelon Splash

 Summer is full swing here in the Midwest and humidity has totally set in. (If you have naturally curly hair like myself, you are already in a frizz rage!) So when it's this hot out, and your tired of drinking gallons of water, it's time to give your taste buds something on the refreshing side!

Yesterday I made a Watermelon Splash! So good!! I could drink this all summer, and as I confessed last week, I'm not a big liquor girl. Here's what you're going to need!

Rum, Watermelon Vodka, Grenadine, Club Soda, Lime, and Mint

Since my glasses were the thinnest glass I've ever seen, and my mom worried they would break, I muddled the lime and mint in a mason jar. If you aren't using fragile glass, by all means muddle the ingredients in the ones you're using.

Gorgeous, no?

Now that you have the mint and lime muddled, start pouring the liquor. Pour one jigger of rum and one jigger of watermelon vodka into the glass.


 Add a splash of grenadine for color.

Pour about 3/4 of the glass full of Club Soda. And make sure you use plenty of ice! Repeat in the second glass.

Add a few sprigs of mint for garnish. It's so pretty! I love the slight pink color. Just like a watermelon!

After a couple of sips of this taste little cocktail, my mom and I decided to make a couple of tweaks for the next one. And there will be a next one. I'm pretty sure this is a beach worthy cocktail! Instead of one jigger of watermelon vodka, we need to add one and a half. Instead of the club soda, we will use either seltzer water or a sparkling water. And to make it extra pretty, we are going to freeze cubed watermelon and use that instead of ice. This way it won't get watered down and you can eat the infused fruit once the drink is gone! 

What do you think of the Watermelon Splash? Something you might make this weekend? It's supposed to be a hot one and this little cocktail is incredibly effervescent. Perfect for summer!

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