Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Anything and Everything ZARA

I've been a fan of ZARA for years, but ever since I lost Piperlime, I'm leaning toward ZARA more and more. I love their mix of vintage inspired fabrics and cuts, their nod toward the 70s, and their sweet looks. It's all so very feminine with the florals, eyelets, and flowy designs. I'm honesty obsessed! I've been cyber stalking their site and it just keeps getting better! 

I've narrowed down my picks to 12, I know that seems excessive, but just take a look at what I've picked and you'll see why! Then, head over to their site to continue the love fest and see all the other items that could have made the list!


I have a confession to make. I already on the top of number 2, the jeans of number 12, and I'm ordering the dress from number 1! Actually, I'm exchanging the size. ZARA does run on the smaller side, in my opinion, so don't be afraid to size up. I ordered this jacket several years ago, but wish I had ordered it a size bigger. It's totally fine, but for my own personal preference, a larger size would be a little more comfortable at times.

So what would I order if I were to place an order today? I just can't answer. I am constantly changing my mind. At first I thought it would be number 10 and number 4. But then I look at the pieces again and I go with number 5 and number 7. 

Which ones would you order? Let's chat!

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