Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People Style Watch Personal Style Quiz

In July's issue of People Style Watch there is a Personal Style Guide supplement and the first page offers a style quiz. I thought I would pass the quiz along to you to see if it helps you decipher your personal style. I highlighted my answers and provided examples. 

1) The celeb whose style you most relate to is...
a) Reese Witherspoon
b) Jennifer Lopez
c) Rachel Bilson
d) Zoe Saldana
e) Taylor Swift
f) Jennifer Aniston

              2) For a night out you'd pick...
                       a) Dinner at your fave neighborhood restaurant
                        b) Fancy drinks at the new hot spot
                         c) Seeing an up-and-coming band
                          d) A gourmet meal at the place everyone's talking about
                           e) Fun drinks at a wine bar
                             f) Pizza and a movie
3) The nail polish you like best is...            
a) The perfect red                             
            b) Deep, rich purple                        
c) An unexpected shade like          
light green or blue                      
d) Nude or sheer                        
   e) Pink                                     
 f) None at all                          

Lincoln Park After Dark                     

4) The bag you most carry is...
a) A structured satchel
b) A special clutch
c) A slouchy bag with
bold hardward
d) The style of the moment
e) The colorful minibag
f) A canvas tote
Milly 'Shiny' Leather Hobo

           5) Your to-to shoes are...
               a) Ballet flats
                b) Strappy stilettos
                 c) Edgy booties
                  d) Peep-toe platforms
                   e) Mary Janes
                    f) Cute sneakers
                             Stuart Weitzman 'Kimbow' Pump      
6) Your fave dress is...
a) A simple sheath
b) Anything that sparkles
c) A drapey style that's sexy
without trying too hard
d) A sophisticated dress with
standouts details or color
e) A sweet ruffled fit-and-
flare style
f) A comfy T-shirt dress
Maggy London Ikat Cotton Sateen Sheath Dress 

Answer Key:
If you chose mostly:
A's...You're a classic. Your style is crisp and timeless! 
B's...You're Glam. Your style is bold and attention getting!
C's...You're Cool. Your style is effortless edgy and of-the-moment!
D's...You're Chic. Your style is sophisticated and refined!
E's...You're Girlie. Your style is pretty and feminine!
F's...You're Casual. Your style is laid-back and easy
If your a Mix (which is what I am) you're a Chameleon.
 You can have fun experimenting with different looks!!       

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