Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Does One Wear?

White Tee: Banana Republic; Pink Tank: Frankie and Jules;
Jeans: Banana Republic; Thongs: Banana Republic;
Fedora: Arden B; Sunglassas: Prada via Macy's

What does one wear when you need to run errands, clean house and you have a friend stopping by? The most comfortable yet psuedo cute thing you can find, right? I didn't get a shower in, however, I did shave my legs, wash my face and brush my teeth! At least I did that. I know, over share!!

While thinking about my outfit, I knew I wanted to wear my "ratty" boyfriend jeans.( Yes, I paid big money for all those holes!) They are super comfortable and allow me to move around easily. Since I didn't know what to pair with them, I dug through my t-shirt drawer and found this cute hoodie tee. I purchased this last summer and rarely wore it. It is very see-thru and needs a light layer underneath. Hence the pink tank that I purchased last summer. Because it fell through the back of my chest of drawers, I found it underneath said piece of furniture this fall, I wasn't able to wear it. Thank goodness we were forced to move furniture when painting our bedroom!

What I love about both pieces is how thin and airy they are. Perfect for the hot summer approaching the Midwest! The material is referred to as burnout. Defined in the fashion industry, it is fabric with a pattern known as devore. Crafters call burnout patterns "fabric etching," because of the technique used to create them. These pieces are super delicate as you can see from the photo below. I actually own several t-shirts of this material all of which are great for summer.  

Who needs a pedicure? I do! I do!! I just wanted to show you the very neutral flip flop I paired with the look. These are a metalic, bronze leather thong that I live in! The color is perfect for almost all casual looks and looks great worn with dresses as well. Last summer I paired these with a blush cotton dress and metalic thin belt for a trip to the Plaza. See, I don't always wear stilettos!

I wanted you to see the cute hoodie portion of the tee. I don't actually use it, but it makes for a cute detail. Speaking of detail, thank goodness for the Fedora investment! This is how you run errands and disguise the fact that you didn't wash your hair!! Throw hair up in a fun pony, add hat and go. Also, the sunglasses are a great cover-up for no makeup. Just add gloss and no one will know. Well, the friend that stopped by will. You can't really get away with sunglasses in doors, unless your Michael Kors!

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Tina Morrison said...

Love it! I need a hat like that for when I don't have time to wash my hair. Plus, I feel like I wash it too much and if I had that hat, I wouldn't.
You look so thin! I can't believe you are still on maternity leave and have lost your baby weight! Congrats!