Thursday, June 23, 2011

Second Time Around

Top: Forever 21; Tank: Target; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft; 
Shoes: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Ring: Tiffany 

What a glorious day! The morning temps were in the upper 70s and I took advantage of the perfect weather by loading up McKinley and hitting one of our numerous outdoor shopping centers. Guess what? I am wearing those size eight jeans again today!! That was a no brainer when getting dressed this morning. As for the top, I had several ideas in mind, and this sweet, floral top won. I have had this piece for about three years now and I still love it. The delicate material that floats around me, the watercolor effect of the floral design and the bow tie neck are just some of the reasons I can't part with it!

 I've worn it more times that I can count, but I do have a photo of when I wore it to NY in 2009. On that particular day, I paired it with my Banana Republic straight jeans and black Tori Burch patent leather flip flops. What I love most about this photo is that we had just had Magnolia cupcakes at one my favorite parks in the city!

Okay, back to the outfit at hand. These are another new pair of shoes purchased from Habitat. I love the delicate design and the neutral two-tone color. This is the third time I've worn them, photos were never captured with the other two ensembles, but trust me when I say they were a great compliment! One positive thing about never capturing photos is that I can wear the outfits again and you won't know it! And again, I can't say enough about the comfort! I told my mom today that they were like walking on clouds.

Is there something in your wardrobe that you love so much you just can't seem to part with it? 

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