Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Beginning

Hey all you current and future readers! "I For Style" has a new name and a new home. I decided that I needed a change, not only for me but for my readers as well. I needed something a little more user friendly since I have my hands full with a growing baby. And, I felt you needed something a tad more easy as well such as when commenting on your favorite posts, you can now do so at the bottom of each one. All past "I For Style" entries are now archived here so you don't have to flip back and forth between Blogspot and Tumblr.

I chose "Style My Way" for two reasons. One, I For Style was taken. That was easy enough! Two, because I've noticed I'm no longer providing daily fashion tips based on individual body styles, but by outfits I create for myself to show you how you too can get a similar look when you are "shopping from your closet". I will continue to post about things I'm loving in the fashion world, cosmetics that I think are perfect fits for everyone, but I will also try to expand upon shopping out of ones closet to create fun and new ensembles on a somewhat regular basis.

I'm also entertaining the idea of including McKinley, my son, so that you can see how I will dress a boy in the not so typical "blue only" clothing! Word to those designing baby clothes, girls aren't the only ones who demand fun, trendy clothing! Our little boys are just as precious and don't require sculls and crossbones to get the point across that they are indeed boys! Stay tuned for photos of him to come. I've been compiling his looks!

If you currently follow "I For Style", I hope you continue the journey with "Style My Way". If you are a new reader, welcome! I hope you enjoy this gal's take on fashion and all the amazing things that come with it!

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