Monday, September 22, 2014

A Blog Tour

I am kicking off this week with a little blog tour. I was asked by my sweet friend Lauren of, Classy and Fab Girl, to participate in a little tour of some of the blogs I love and to share them with all of you. I love this idea! I love sharing these awesome gals with all of you. They are pretty special. Just keep reading and you will find out why!
Lauren, who you've met before, is an absolute doll! We met earlier in the year at Kansas City Fashion Week! Recently, we have teamed up with Caitlin of Gussied Up for our monthly Tres Chic posts and I've loved getting to know her!! Head on over to see what she's been up to in the blogging world!

I have a few things I would love to share with all of you before I introduce you to some of my other fav bloggers. I was provided a few questions about myself and my blog, and to be honest, I wasn't really sure how to answer them. I'm not even sure I answered them correctly, but here goes!

1) What Have I Been Working On?
Growing a blog is nothing but work! I've been trying to grow my audience by honing in on who my target audience truly is and bringing them what they want. In the process, I'm still trying to stay true to who  am and not lose my voice. That's the most important piece to all of this, right? Also, I'm working with companies that I love and I'm excited about the opportunities!

2) How Does My Work Differ from Others of Its Genre?
This is a great question and one I'm constantly asking myself. One main difference is that I'm 40! But, I think that I'm still relevant in fashion. And I try to convey that to all my readers who are my age or older. I can still be trendy and edgy, I just keep it age appropriate. My before and after posts are another way I differ. I preach to my readers that shopping from your closet is just as important as shopping from your favorite retailer. And that you can shop on a budget with my Dream to Reality post. I want to inspire you!

3) Why Do I Write/Create What I Do?
Because I love it! Fashion has always been my passion. I discovered lay-away in my early teens, and I remember finding chores around the house or taking on extra babysitting jobs so I could have the funds to buy clothes. I've styled my mom for years, worked in retail to share my styling tips and tricks with the masses, and now I style myself in hopes of being your virtual stylist. It's simply a love of creating daily looks, writing about how I put it all together, and sharing this love with all of you!

4) How Does Your Writing/Creating Process Work
The writing is the easy part. You just write about what you know. The creating piece is the most difficult. I honestly stand in front of my closet most days and repeat the same mantra as almost everyone else "I have absolutely nothing to wear." And that's simply not the case! Most days it starts with one piece, the focal piece, and I create the look around it. It could be shoes. It could be a top. And it just snowballs from there. I have to say, most of my favorite looks come from those moments when I'm just ready to throw in the towel!

Now it's times to introduce you to.....

Ngan Vuong! I met Ngan via Instagram and then I met her in person a couple of weekends ago at the Chick Events at Park Place. She's so cool. Here's a little bit more....
 Displaying eNVe Designs.jpg
Ngan is the jewelry artist behind eNVe Designs. From hand selecting the raw materials, to designing, then meticulously crafting each piece, she is the only one involved in every step of the way. Jewelry design has always been a passion and life-long hobby for her. This hobby evolved into a growing business with the birth of her first child and the choice to become a stay at home mom. In jewelry design, she is self-taught and always strives to learn something new. This is only the beginning, with exciting things to come!
This is Jana of Jana Style Blog. I met Jana last year via Twitter and in person that same day at the Rebecca Minkoff event at Halls. Jana knows how to work that camera and busts out some of the best poses when we're out taking blog pics together. She's Co-Regional Director of Fashion Group International Kansas City and has really started to see her blog grow! She recently had a photo featured in InStyle Magazine's September issue, she's styled for several Kansas City runway shows, and also some magazine photo shoots. And, she was most recently named the official stylist and blogger for Summit Fair Shopping Center, the 500,000 square foot outdoor lifestyle center featuring Macy's, JCPenney, Buckle, WHBM, Loft, Maurices, Charlotte Russe, and Charming Charlie, just to name a few!
I hope you add these ladies to your blogger feed! Their stories, personal style, and creativity are just a few of the things that make them so special!
Happy Monday! It's the start of Fashion Week here in Kansas City and I can't wait to bring you all the amazing details!
Have a fabulous days!


Jana Meister said...

I'm so excited for Fashion Week!! I can't wait to see you! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog today :) You are one of the greatest friends I have met through my blog! :) See you soon!

Xo Jana

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

Thank you for the feature, Andrea! So glad we got to chat briefly last weekend! Have a wonderful week!