Friday, May 30, 2014

The Ugly "It" Summer Sandal

For whatever reason, this season's "It" sandal is what I consider the "Ugly" sandal. Do any of you remember the Birkenstock phase craze in the 90s? I will admit, I totally jumped on that trend wagon back then and sported the brown version that everyone was wearing! I have hated them ever since.

So when I saw Michael Kors sporting this version during his Fall Runway show, I was appalled! They are so, well, ugly! I couldn't believe that we had reverted back to a version of the Birkenstock in high fashion! Remember the Teva craze? Jean Godfrey June answered a Dear Lucky question regarding "Tevas? Really?!" Read the answer for yourself, I provided the link, but here are just a few statements from some of the editors at the mag. “Flatforms!” exclaimed accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff. “Yes! They go with everything.” Stylist Kate Young started wearing Tevas last summer, and the world followed. See what I mean? The Ugly sandal is where it's at!

I seriously turned up my nose to the new trends. I was not about to go down that road again. I mean, I tell everyone I know how ugly I think Birkenstocks are. Sure, they are comfy, but my god! They are so bulky. So bland in color. So 1993! Then, while browsing the shoes at Target, I found a silver metallic pair of "Ugly" sandals from Sam & Libby. Before I knew, I had tried them on and put them in my cart! I also got the seal of approval from Jean Godfrey June, her exact word was "Love", so now I need to figure out how to style them.

So now that I've jumped on the bandwagon again, I decided to share with all of you some of my favorite Ugly sandal styles for the summer. Sandal number one is the pair I invested in, but I do love number four!


What do you think of the new sandal trend for summer? Is this something you are willing to go with or just simply let pass you by? I have to say, the Sam & Libby version from Target is really comfortable, a little cute, and I'm looking forward to styling them. Perhaps over the weekend....
Happy Friday!

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