Friday, May 2, 2014

Dream to Reality - Becoming a Stylist

As of last week, I am no longer employed by CenturyLink. After 14 years in telecom, I am free of cubicle walls, business casual attire, and an 8-5 schedule. My life, for now, happily consists of being a no longer working outside the home mom to my son, a casual Friday every day dresser, and a woman who longs to finally do what she's always wanted do to, open her own business. I've always said that my full-time job was holding me back from doing all the things I truly wanted to do. Like working for myself! I have a million and a half ideas, but the one I really want to pursue, is becoming a personal stylist. I want to be the Midwestern version of Rachel Zoe. 

I'm excited to have my first "styling gig" next week! My friend Kimberly Adams is traveling to France for the Cannes Film Festival and will be spending a couple of days in Paris afterward. While in Cannes, Kimberly shared that there may be some red carpet events, parties, and networking with film people opportunities. She's worried about going too casual or not being fashionable enough for that culture. She doesn't want to stand out or make a statement; she just doesn't want to stand out in a bad way. 

We are meeting next Monday to get started and I'm so excited to assist! I've got so many ideas, but want to check out her closet first, before I start making suggestions. Because she's traveling internationally, I don't want to have her over packing, but I want to make sure she's covered for the time she's there. Although I've never traveled abroad, having only traveled to Mexico and Jamaica, I know repeat pieces are key. And, keeping a neutral color palette is something to keep in mind as well.

I will be blogging about the experience next week so check back to see what we came up with. I look at this opportunity as a jumping off point and I'm beyond thrilled that Kimberly thought of me to help. Below are some street style photos from Cannes last year. Inspiring pieces, not only for Kimberly's travels abroad, but for everyday life as well. And I'm using them as my inspirational style board for sending Kimberly off in style!


My dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. And I'm so ready for the ride!

Happy Friday and Cheers to amazing stylings to come!

All photos courtesy of Harpers Bizzare.

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