Friday, January 13, 2012

High Power Interview

What would one wear to a high power interview for a job in the fashion industry? That's a question I've been asking myself over the past couple of days in anticipation of NOT getting the interview. But, in case I do, I want to be prepared and I think this look covers it. 

When interviewing for a job in the fashion world, you aren't held to the same "business dress" standards as corporate America. And, when the job is for a famous stylist who's own clothing line is "Boho Chic", I don't think she'll expect suiting and hosiery! Here is what I would love to wear.

1) A bow tie blouse peaking out from this gorgeous leather blazer with chain detail is delightful
2) Wide leg trousers make your legs look longer and compliment the fitted blazer.
3) With the gold chain detail in the blazer, load up your wrist with gold bangles and watch.
4) When crossing your legs, these Brian Atwood plum pumps keep the look from going too business.
5) A great satchel will hold your resume, planner, phone and other essentials.
6) Diamonds are a girls best friend and simple statement with the other details.
7) And last but not least, you need those Gucci shades to keep that blaring LA sun out of your eyes.

High Power Interview

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