Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On McKinley's four month well visit he was given the okay to start rice cereal and from there to start solids! We were shocked. We assume cereal would be approved, but we thought we would have to wait until six months before we could start veggies. Doctor's words, "this boy looks like he's ready for solids." And she was right!

We had our first rice cereal test tasting on the evening of August 15th and it went as well as one would expect. He didn't quite understand the spoon and instead of allowing the cereal to slide off into his mouth, he blew against it causing cereal to spray all over him, me and the highchair. It was awesome! Of course you have no idea what goes through their little heads, but we seem to think that he thought it seemed a lot like his formula and would rather have that in a bottle form. We quickly learned to make the cereal a little chunkier so there was texture on the spoon. Hindsight, we probably should have waited a day or two after the four month shots. He wasn't feeling well to begin so that probably didn't help matters.

Well, the cereal didn't sit well over the next couple of days because this poor little guy became constipated! After four days without a bowel movement, we called our doctor to see if there was an in house remedy we could use. The remedy is one tablespoon of Karo syrup per bottle until a movement is made! Well, it didn't long for that to take place. We've actually had to use that remedy several times as this poor little guy apparently inherited his mother's lazy bowels!

After about a week of "eating" cereal we introduced veggies. On August 29th, we started with sweet potatoes and we had major success. He loved them! From my understanding, most babies love sweet potatoes because it's right there in the name, sweet! We continued with all the orange veggies before moving to green with green beans winning out over peas.


From there we moved to fruits and he liked some better than others. Pears went over well, but bananas caused gaging. And who would have thunk it, but prunes were his favorite. I so wish we had a photo of his first time with prunes, but alas that was never captured. I can tell you he opened that mouth wide and lapped them up! If only that would produce more frequent bowel movements!!!

As we've journeyed through veggies and fruit, we recently moved to meat. I couldn't bring myself to feed him the chicken with chicken gravy and turkey with turkey gravy provided by Gerber. They were both pale gray in color and the last time I looked, chicken and turkey aren't pale gray when cooked! We love the meat selections provided by Earth's Best Organic baby food. They actually have color and smell like what we're serving. McKinley loves the Vegetable Turkey Dinner and Beef, Carrots and Corn. As we continue to explore the dinner selections, we love watching him figure out what's on the tip of his tongue. We can't wait to actually feed him from our plate! With Thanksgiving fastly approaching, we have big plans to serve up some mashed potatoes, green beans and turkey. We will definitely capture the holiday on film. These firsts are just so amazing and we're thankful that we can re-live them for years to come!

From our table to yours...

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