Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five Current Obessions

I am constantly obsessing about different things in fashion so I decided to share my newest top five list. 

1) I am crazy for an oversized, rose gold watch!

2) A hunter green handbag. I saw this the other day on Fashion Chalet and I didn't realize this was missing from my wardrobe! Also, I am loving Mulberry. Need to add that to my label list.

3) I have been talking about a sequin skirt since last November and I'm still obsessing.

4) I want to load up my wrist with an armful of gold bangles and bracelets. Check out Atlantic-Pacific for a tutorial.

5) Spikes are a huge trend right now and I would love an open ended spike ring. Super cute and tough at the same time.
Current Obessions!

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