Monday, February 1, 2016

My Home Office Reno

Things are really starting to take shape in the home office reno department. My mom and I have been shopping for my desk, chair, and other accessories to help the space pop. I'm really going for it in the color department, something that will make my office a cheerful space on a daily basis. I purchased the paint over the weekend and can't wait to start putting it on the wall. But before all that, my dad has been working on some minor wall repair. We had a leak from my husband's shower last year and it did a little damage to the corner of the wall. Nothing big, but enough to get it fixed. And after that, it will be time to paint. I'm so excited!!

Remember back to the photo of the space in my den that I'm going to make my office?

Well, I thought I would share a little more insight into my current working conditions so you can see why I'm in need of an "office". My den is long and narrow, but bright and homey. However, the space where I work isn't really all that conducive to working. Here is the other half of the room from where I will eventually work.

This is my current desk! It's my coffee table. And as you can see, it's really a large piece of furniture that allows me to spread all of my stuff out and really dig into work. Did you hear the sarcasm dripping out of that statement?

And don't you love my computer stand? The floor is the perfect place to print from, right?

So you can see why I need a space of my own? This isn't an office. This isn't a motivational place to get my juices flowing. This is a place where I lose focus. Where I get lost. And I can't wait to move over to a place that gets me excited!

Here is a glance into the colors of my space. I'm in love!

As for the wall color, you all know I'm dying to have a gray room, so I'm going with a gray accent wall. I love the color of my nails, Essie Petal Pushers, and it was a bit of inspiration when choosing a color! However, I decided it might be a little dark for the room, so I went with Winter Solstice. Love!

And that's it! My home office space, color scheme, and wall color. Again, it's taking shape, from a visual standpoint, and it will start taking muscle shape this week! Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Monday!

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