Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wants - Casual Chic Pants

 You all know how much I love my jeans. I pretty much wear them on a daily basis, but I try to switch out my styles as often as I can. I do adore my distressed boyfriend jeans, but I've been trying to wear nicer pairs with my casual looks as well. However, I'm growing weary of wearing them all the time. 

That's the thing about winter, my options are kind of limited. I can't wear legging and sweaters all the time, I don't have that many sweaters that are long enough for leggings, and I don't own that many leggings! Remember this look from a couple of weeks ago? I loved the idea of still having a denim look without truly being in jeans. But with warmer weather on the horizon, I know my dresses, skirts, and shorts are coming back into rotation soon.

In the meantime, I've been looking for pants that can replace jeans from time to time, that are casual enough for the zoo and other kid friendly outings, and still chic. I think I've found some pretty good pieces! Check them out!

What is your go-to item when you tire of jeans? Do you ever tire of jeans? 

I have to say my favs are the striped jumpsuit from Loft, the navy floral pants from Zara, and the cullotte jeans from the new Olivia Palermo line at Nordstrom.

Here's hoping your week is going fashionably well!


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