Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Wants - Valentine's Day Finds

As it currently stands, I am a hopeless romantic. I love romantic comedies, Danielle Steele and Nicolas Sparks novels, entire Twilight Saga for obvious reasons, and though I'm not a daily heart wearer, I do love to sport them during February in honor of Valentine's Day! Red is my favorite color, but I've been adding pink to the mix, and this month is the best reason to wear those colors often! And I love adding lips to the mix. A fun print that's a little wink, you know!

However, I've been on the hunt for some extra cute pieces for Valentine's Day and I found some of the most darling things! And I'm sharing them with you. I am especially in love with the Talbot's sweater! It's so sweet!


When it comes to Valentine's Day, what is typically on your wishlist? Flowers? Chocolate? Diamonds? For this girl, chocolate is always in the list. Sometimes roses because I never get them, but they are entirely too costly for just one day. As for this year, I will take any of the above!
Maybe you should start sharing your wishlist with your special someone now! And, if you're a girl who loves to simply shop for yourself, well you are a girl after my own heart.... 

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! 

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