Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Styling Mom

This time I'm talking about my own styling mom! I had the pleasure of "styling" her for our trip to California, which just happened to be an item on my Forty Before 40 list! I wanted to style someone for an upcoming event, and then blog about it, and I can't think of a better event than our big trip! My mom has always been stylish. I covet her wardrobe from the 60s and 70s and so wish she had held on to some of those pieces. I can just imagine wearing them today.....but I would need to be 40 pounds lighter! She was a twig!
Today, at 64, she is still on trend! She rocks dark jeans, Tory Burch flats, and designer handbags! She refused to conform to the masses and color her hair, so she sports an amazing silvery gray bob! She wears bright red polish on her toes, drinks vodka tonics with lime, and is simply the coolest mom I know!
You can imagine how much fun we had playing around in her closet, a closet that I envy. Not because of the volume of clothes but by the sheer size of her closet! So jealous! I have to profess this by saying, we did shop for a few things before playing dress up, but most of the pieces came from what she originally had. Let's check it out! This is what we started with!
We all headed to Disneyland on Friday and want to be comfortable for the long day of walking, playing and overall merriment that comes with Disney! We chose jeans, a long gray sweater with pink accents, a v-neck t-shirt, and fun scarf. Again, layers were our key for the trip! It was HOT! I don't think we even made it into the park before the sweater was off. And, the scarf was off maybe an hour after that! A white t-shirt was the best piece packed! Oh, and this wasn't the scarf she packed. She ended up taking a raspberry scarf of mine that better complimented the look! Cute flats for comfort and style. And, a cross-body bag for the bare essentials!
On Saturday, we are going to the zoo while my mom, aunt and Joan head to Balboa Island. They had zero interest in spending the day with the animals! Balboa Island is the most adorable town! It is literally the size of a postage stamp and it sits right on the water. The houses are amazing and we would love to rent one for a month or longer. Incredibly picturesque. We decided to go a little more chic for the day. I picked dark jeans, a black cami, a long black sweater, scarf and flats. The cross-body bag is such a great bag for trips. It won't allow you to carry much, which is exactly what you need, and leaves you hands-free! Great investment if you don't have one already! Also, don't be afraid if your accent color, like these purples, aren't exact matches. You don't want to be too matchy-matchy!
And, she didn't wear any of this! HA! Again, another hot day in Southern California. She opted for the cami and the Ann Taylor sweater featured below.
Sunday is the big day, my birthday, and we spent the afternoon on Rodeo Drive! Nothing too terribly exciting is planned. We had drinks and appetizers at the Regent Beverly Wilshire pool (champagne of course) and a stroll around Rodeo Drive to shop! You have to look maj for this swanky little strip, so I went all out luxe! Black leggings, a leopard print sweater, black cami, and croc flats will look amazing! So chic and she looked amazing!

For dinner, we are going to Newport Beach. I decided on the Pelican Hill Resort because the views look amazing! I figured we don't get to look out over a grand pool, golf course, and the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis, so what better time than now! It's kid and adult friendly and not terribly dressy. We had a hard time on this look. Originally, we planned pants around this gorgeous red jacket, but the shoes didn't work. Then, hanging toward the back of the closet, we stumbled on this dress! Perfection! Strappy little heels and a clutch finish it off!
By the time we got home, we didn't have that much down time before heading to dinner, so she stayed in the above outfit. It was perfect for the venue!

 Monday we're were off to Santa Monica to spend the day at the Pier. The last time I was there, we had a blast, and I think my mom did too! Another casual day of events so I went with jeans, a color block cardigan, cream cami, scarf and flats. That bag is getting a workout this weekend!

 Sadly, on Tuesday, we flew home. Back to reality, right? I didn't photograph a final look because honestly, I didn't know what she wanted to wear. I know flying out she's wearing leggings, a sweet cream cardigan with black polka dots and cami. Comfort with a little style is how we fly!
What do you think of her looks? Did I style her appropriately for weather? I'm not at all concerned about "age appropriate" because that simply isn't an issue here! Age is a number, right? Hey, guess what, number 22 is complete on the list!

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