Friday, November 22, 2013

Dream to Reality - Tricia's Sweater Dress

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how I've styled a simple sweater dress for my friend Tricia who was debating purchasing one for herself. She wanted to make sure she had enough pieces already existing in her wardrobe to restyle the dress for multiple occassions. This is the dress she was looking to buy.
It's a darling dress! I love the mix of black and brown, two colors I've always loved separately and only recently started accepting paired together! I immedietly invisioned it belted with denim jacket, a black or leopard print scarf, a statement necklace, tights and boots(ies), and the always chic moto jacket! These are all the ideas I provided to Tricia. What I loved was her response. "I hadn't thought of a scarf or my denim jacket. See, THIS is why you can't ever stop your blog - you are way too good at styling!" That last part was super sweet of her to say. I LOVE styling people, when asked of course.
Tricia decided to take the plunge and make this dress her Dream to Reality! I can't say it's because I offered her brilliant advice. I would like to say that's why, but I'm pretty sure she realized it was a great investment piece, something I constantly preach, and a dress that she can wear all winter long! When she bought the dress, she also purchased a belt and a statement necklace. She already had the perfect scarf and the must-have denim jacket in her wardrobe. Tricia and Josh just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary and she wanted to wear the dress to dinner. I asked that she take a photo so that everyone could see how she styled it! Here is her look!
Doesn't she look great! I love the sass! Hands on the hips, one leg out, great smile! Tricia, you are rockin' this look! I can't wait to see all the other looks she comes up with. As I've alway said, fill your closet with the staples and you have a wardrobe for life!

Having trouble figuring out if you're making the right purchase? Can't decide all the different ways to pair an item? Let me know! I would love to help and feature you on the blog! Everyone needs their Dream to Reality!
Happy Friday!

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