Friday, November 15, 2013

Dream to Reality - Styling Katie Couric for Her Big Day

Have you heard the news that Katie Couric is getting married? Old news, I know, but it's the first time I've really talked about it here. My mom mentioned that after one of her shows, right after she announced the engagement, that Katie said she hadn't given much thought to her planning her wedding. She stated that if any viewers had ideas on what she should do, they should pass them along. Well, I took her to heart and created a Pinterest board! It has been so well received. I have 148 followers for that one specific board, including Katie Couric herself! Okay, so it's not really Katie Couric, but someone from her camp, but it has peeked someones interest.
For this week's Dream to Reality, I've been thinking more and more about this Pinterest board, the interest it has created, the pieces I've chosen and why I should be considered to style Katie for her big day. Have you seen the board? It's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! I would wear many of these pieces and I can totally see Katie in them as well. I've chosen items that speak to her style, which in my opinion, is so classic. Gone are the days of her Today Show suits. Like her professionalism on the job, so is her wardrobe, but there's a little more room to show her infectious personality. She seems to have embraced sheath dresses in an array of colors. She keeps her accessories to a minimum. But, she definitely likes to show off those buff arms!!
For her big day, I've really tried to hone in on all of those elements of her personal style. I've given her gowns, as well as sheaths. Ones that are sleeveless and ones with sleeves. There are long and short dresses. I've left the color to accents like shoes and bags. I've given her subtle and rich makeup options and up-dos to boot! I've even gone so far as to pick headpieces. Nothing too elaborate. I really like a birdcage veil. Oh, and there are diamonds!!! Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds! I mean, who doesn't love diamonds!!
So I propose that starting today, Friday November 15, 2013, we should start an active petition so that I can entertain Katie with my ideas for her wedding day! How do we make that happen? I've already grabbed the attention of someone in her camp. How do we keep that spark alive and turn it into a flame? Please send me your ideas, or better yet, use your social media platforms to spread the word! Go to Twitter and tweet it to the universe. Start following my "Dressing Katie Couric for Her Big Day" Pinterest board and share with your friends. Talk about it on Facebook. The more buzz the better!
In the meantime, I will continue to grow my board with additional wedding ideas. I would love to dress her daughters! Pick the venue, the cake, the favors! Will it be a destination wedding or a sweet backyard affair? It will take place on the beach of some exotic island or in her home state of Virgina? No problem! I will plan for both.
Oh, and I plan to plan it all by Katie's side, even if it's in cyberspace and through Pinterest! Join me for the big day! 

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