Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Thankful

My sweet family on McKinley's second birthday!

This year I am thankful for so many things! I turned 40 and thankful to say that I did. I spent time celebrating over a wonderful weekend with family and friends, just the way I had hoped I would. I was able to take my son to the Happiest Place on Earth. We spent the day with Mickey and all of friends, and few of our favorites as well. It was joy to watch him among the characters he loves and to think for a moment he was standing next to Mater and Lightening! A trip I will never forget.
Is that really Mater?

A Birthday Cheers with my little guy!

How I love to be at the beach!

I am thankful for friends. I have a very small but amazing circle of friends who bring me joy even when they don't they are! I am thankful for their patience while I raise a child instead of performing or socializing. I am thankful for the guidance when sought. I am thankful for memories that get me through rough days and the unheard laugher it brings. You are not just my friends, you are my family.
Laura, Julie and I

Me and Curt on our amazing NY adventure!

Me and Kipp after one of the best summer party photo sessions ever!!

I am thankful for my family! Not just Joel and McKinley, but my parents who give and love so unconditionally. Sometimes I feel guilty!
My amazing mother!

My incredible father! (We never seem to be photographed together!)
I have an amazing aunt who took vacation, and then some, to travel to the other end of the country just because I wanted her to! (She also sat with me and watched the sun come up on summer morning for a boy that never showed.) For a grandmother who is spitfire and makes me jealous of her unending energy. And, for family across the miles that I don't see often, but are always in my heart!
My mom, me, and my awesome aunt!
The Fleenor Family
The Lawson/Helton Family

I have a husband who, to put it mildly, endures entirely too much from his wife. I am a wife who is constantly changing her mind. I make requests for gardens, a new patio, paint schemes, remodeled bathrooms, playroom designs, and so much more! And, he does it all. I help of course, but he is always there with a shovel, paint brush, or tape measure. Thankful!

Hard at working building the vegetable garden!

Lastly, I am simply thankful for a baby boy who brings such joy to my life. He is a love I have never known and a love that I will treasure forever. He brings light when my day is dark. He brings imagination to a world that can seem too real. He gives pats and hugs at just the right time. And smiles a smile that melts my heart. He is everything and more!

My and the sweetest baby boy I've ever met! I love him!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I am thankful for your constant support of this little blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pam said...

I'm so happy for you and your family! You have what is the midst important thing in your life... any life, and that's family. Have a great Thanksgiving! :)