Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winter White

Top, Pants, Coat: Ann Taylor (coat here); 
Shoes: Guess;
Jewelry: Silpada

I love everything about my look yesterday and I hope that doesn't sound horribly conceded! I just love how it all came together. I am a huge fan of winter white. When I was on the homecoming court my senior year of high school, not a huge deal I promise, I wanted a winter white suit to wear during half time of the football game. The sales girl talked me out of it saying I needed something in bold colors so you could see me on the field. I have never stopped wanting a winter white suit!

I fee like I accomplished that yesterday with these pieces. And let's talk about this amazing coat! This striped topper will last forever. The splash of purple lining is gorgeous! To me, this is an all over sophisticated look.

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The Marcy Stop said...

Cute trousers! Been looking for a wide leg pair like these!