Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY - Glitter Tennis Shoes

I recently watched a Martha Stewart Show segment where blogger Erica Chan Coffman, of Honestly...WTF, showed us how to make our own gold, glitter tennis shoes. Miu Miu, a famous designer, created a pair and is currently selling them for roughly $425. After watching the show, I decided I would try my hand at this little DIY project. Here is what took place!

The Original:

What you need:
2) Mod Podge
3) Coarse Gold Glitter
4) Tape
5) Crystals (some with actual facets)
6) Paint Brushes
 (I originally used sponge and 
moved to regular paint brushes)
7) Small Bowl
8) Strong Adhesive

Tape off the toe of the shoe and rubber soles around each shoe.


Add two parts Mod Podge to one part glitter, however I found that I added lots more glitter than instructed!

Stir together. Your glue/glitter consistency should be pretty thick.

Apply the glitter glue to all surfaces off the shoes. You will apply at least three coats. I applied four. Allow 10-15 minutes per coat to dry. 

Go ahead and paint over the shoelace grommets. You will be able to peel that off after the project is complete. Don't forget the tongue of the shoe as well!

Here are the shoes after four coats. Remove the tape and glitter glue from the grommets. I simply used my finger nails!

Lay out the crystals before you adhere. Start in the middle with your design and move outward.

We're getting close....

Want to see the end result? Check in next week to see the finished product and how I paired them! I had a blast on this project!!!

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