Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re-Discovering an Old Favorite

Like my clothing, I get bored with my makeup as well. I generally wear a different color eye shadow every day, however, even those colors get old. Also, even though the experts say you shouldn’t, I try to match the color of my eye shadow to the predominate color in that days outfit. Today was no exception, but I had no idea what to do with a pale peach sweater and black pants.

Then I remembered my Big Beautiful Eyes palette from Benefit Cosmetics. I love that it includes two eye shadows, a neutral tone concealer and power eyeliner. It also comes with a compact style mirror, a concealer applicator, a shadow brush with liner brush on the other end and instructions on how to apply. The effect is just that, big beautiful eyes. I paired it with an iridescent pink blush and vitamin C lip smoothie in Absolute Acai both from Clinique.

Other items from Benefit that I love are the Dandelion brightening face powder, the Dallas face powder that gives you a subtle outdoor glow and their “That Gal” brightening face primer. Use the primer, after applying your normal moisturizer but before applying your tinted moisturizer or base, for a look that makes you an all over glow.

Another brand of shadows that I love is from Stila. They have a talking smoky eye palette that literally does just that, talks. Here’s the 411: simply push the button and the palette talks you through 5 easy steps to the perfect smoky eye. It’s complete with artistry tips and what brushes to use - all in under a minute. Word to the wise, they talk quickly so you may have to play a couple of times to make sure you get it all. I have their palettes in Original and The Platinums.

Other items from Stila that I love are the convertible color cream blush. I own them in Peony and Poppy. Peony is a natural cheek color that adds a warm glow where Poppy is a little on the red side. It gives you that just-out-of-the-sun pop of color. I use a foundation brush to apply but you can also use your finger tips. The great thing about the convertible color is that they can be used as on your lips as well.

I also use their Perfecting Concealer. I love how it’s creamy, not cakey, and doesn’t settle into the fine lines under your eye. To apply, you can use a concealer brush, but I find that using my finger tips allows me to control the amount I use. With the pad of your ring finger dab, don’t rub. Rubbing causes you to tear the skin under you eye leading to those pesky lines I mentioned before.

You can find all these products online, but they are all together in one mega store, Sephora. I warn you, once inside you can’t help but want to play in all the make up the store as to offer. Sign up for their Beauty Insider card. It’s free! They simply scan your card with every purchase which allows you to accumulate points for future free products. The free items are just samples but you get to test out something before you commit to the purchase. Also, you get a free gift on your birthday. Who doesn’t love free stuff! 

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