Thursday, December 17, 2015

Home Office Inspiration

Last week I blogged about how I wanted to create a small home office in a very small space in our den. I haven't stopped thinking about it and now I have my mom thinking about it too! She loved the accent wall paint color and the writing desks, her favorite was the one from Target, and is ready to help me tackle the project. Maybe after the first of the year. We could all use a stir-crazy project, right?

In the meantime, I've started looking at the decor of the space. My inspiration is the photo from Home Goods that I found on Instagram. Isn't the space gorgeous? I love the dark navy wall and the punch of colors! So cheery and so chic! And, as it turns out, my parents have an antique yellow cabinet that I've always had my eye on! It would look great and be the perfect place to store catalogs, papers, and other items you don't really want out and about for clutter. One piece down!

As for the chair in my space, I'm thinking something along the lines of an accent chair instead of an actual desk chair. First off, the space isn't really an office, and I think an arm-less chair would be more cohesive with the rest of the decor in the den. The thing I need to keep in mind, is that it needs to be tall enough for me to actually sit comfortably at the desk. If I could find something from an estate sale or antique store and reupholster in the fabrics I posted last week, that would be ideal! If not, I'm loving the ones below.



Now, when looking at the photo and my picks for some pieces I think would be a good fit for me, I know the pink chair looks completely out of place, but I happen to love it! I don't know what's gotten into me as I've gotten older. I've never really been drawn to pink, but this bubble gum piece is darling!

As for the starburst mirrors, I have always wanted one! In my little nook in our living room, just behind our front door, I have this antique wash table with a wooden oval mirror above that. I would love to replace it with a starburst version, but my little office would look perfect with one as well! And, it would be specific to me. Oh, and the little table lamp is so cute! I love the legs. Such a unique piece for such a special space!

What do you think? Is it taking shape in your mind? It is in mine! I honestly think this could be the one place in my house that I can finally call mine! Sure, I've decorated the rest of my house based on my own personal style, but I've always kept my husband in mind. But now, this little area could be all for me!

If you were creating a space like this, what would you use? Would you go with a pink chair or starburst mirror? I think you should! 

Photo courtesy of Home Good's Instagram page!

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