Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Continuing to Sparkle and Shine

I'm continuing to explore the sparkle and shine of the holiday season and today I'm bringing you all the bling within accessorizing! I've got shoes, bags, and plenty of jewels to highlight your holiday looks. And if you were to ask me which one(s) to actually purchase, I could never make up my mind!

With the shoes, I think my favorite are the Kate Spade hot pink pumps! I mean, look at the color and that amazing crystal bow!! But on a more subtle note, I love the Ivanka Trump black peep toe. You could definitely style them with more things, but how many hot pink shoes make that kind of statement? Okay, I might have just made up my mind on the shoes!

As for the bags, I'm thinking it's a no brainer. Can you guess which one I would pick? I adore the silver metallic gift. Because it's so cute, it's definitely a gift that keeps on giving every time you carry it! But that crystal bag is stunning! And if you haven't figured it by now, that champagne bottle is my bag of choice. And, it happens to be my drink of choice! Darling!

As for the jewels, I would own all of them! I actually have the Starburst Ear Jackets and I love them! It's actually a pair of earrings that can be worn four ways. Same thing can be said for the Starlet Pearl Necklace. You gotta love a piece that can be so versatile! I love the Art Deco inspired designs within all of them and they are all perfect for this season of shine!


So apparently, I was able to narrow down the pieces I would purchase. But, I wouldn't turn up my nose to any and all of them! I mean, if I'm going to add sparkle and shine to my life this season, each of these pieces would do the trick.

Got a favorite? Let's discuss!

Shine on, Fashionista's! 

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