Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Pajamas, Slippers, and the Works

I went to put on my favorite pair of flannel pajamas last night, only to find the largest hole in them! I was so sad. They are literally my favorite pair! That is probably why there was a huge hole. Aside from my Christmas pajamas, I'm down to one set of flannels and we are heading into winter soon. This will never do.

I began scouring my go-to stores for all the different pajamas styles, colors, and playful prints. I was able to narrow my list down to three. But why stop at pajamas! I decided to add cute slippers and a fabulous faux fur throw to the list. I mean if I'm going to want something, I might as well want big, right?


Can we just talk about the pajama set of number five? It comes with fleece pants and top AND a blanket to wrap up in! Those sound like heaven! I'm not a big pink girl, but I love the gray top and polka-dot pants! And the blanket looks like the best thing to curl up with on a cold winter day! Definitely my favorite on the list!

As for the blue and white slippers? Well, I went with a Royals theme there! I know we don't play ball in the dead of winter, but spring and late fall can be kind of cool, right? 

What's on your winter wish list? Something warm and cozy like pajamas or is it more in the sweater department? 

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