Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The 70s Trend - Look Number 2

Today's look targets the prints and textures synonymous with the 70s. Back then we had psychedelic prints. Today, we have classic prints like the Greek Key, the ever popular paisley, (and my personal favorite) the animal print.  Textures, like yesterday's fur vest, have been the most commonly styled textile, but shaggy, non-fur pieces are appearing on the scene. Or at least, our scene.

There are so many things I love about this look. The navy and burgundy work so well together, and when paired with super dark denim, it looks incredibly luxe! The print within the top could be considered a little psychedelic! The swirl effect, if looked at long enough, can start to play with your eye. Who says the 70s isn't alive and well in fashion? But what I truly love is the vest! I'm actually obsessed. Like ready to run back down to Halls and snatch it up before it's completely sold out! It's very similar to pom-pom trim. And the shag! I love how shaggy it is. I think it's the key piece to making this look totally 70s!

 Vest: Blu Pepper, Top: 1. State; Jeans: Hudson

Just take a closer look at the print and texture of the vest. Obsessed!

Because there is so much going with the print and vest, keep the rest of the look fairly simple. I like how the dark denim keeps it on the dressy side. All I really added was a natural heeled boot and statement necklace.

This is definitely a work appropriate look for someone in a more casual environment. You could definitely get away with it on casual Friday. There's nothing casual about it. If anything, it's so chic it can be worn on multiple occasions. For me, I would definitely wear this to lunch with friends, any happy hour event, or on date night.

The top, vest, and jeans can all be found at Halls The Bridge.

All Photos Courtesy of Richard Lawson Photography

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